IT Resilience Management

An "extensible" IT Resilience Management framework that promotes System, Service & Business Process continuity (zero outages) in production and across the project delivery life-cycle, through uplifting "enterprise wide" visualization of your IT Environments and by introducing resilience focused governance and automation.


Problem Statement

At the point companies enter a Disaster Recovery or Crisis remediation situation they have already failed. At best, the cost to business, including the cost of IT remediation will be in the Millions. At worst case the damage will be so severe that the organization fails to reopen or recover from the inevitable brand damage. At present companies are not well positioned to avoid this kind of scenario as their approach has always been overly reactive.

Things to download

Glossie Presentation

Key Features

Key Features of Ecosystem RM include:

  • IT Resilience Modelling
  • Cross Life-cycle Systems Governance
  • IT Project, Service & Processes Mapping
  • Capture of Resilience & Cyber Metrics
  • Central Planning & Coordination
  • Promotion of Resilience Automation
  • Resilience Dashboards & Reporting


Benefits of Ecosystem RM include:

  • Enterprise Visibility of your IT Resilience across Production
  • Enterprise Visibility of your IT Resilience across Dev, Test & Projects
  • Recovery Avoidance through Resilient & Secure Architectures
  • Recovery Avoidance through Proactive Operations
  • Recovery Avoidance & Streamlining through Resilience Automation
  • Streamlined IT Project Delivery & Time to Market
  • Avoiding Business Outages, Recovery Costs & Brand Damage
  • Supporting your Compliance, Risk & Regulatory Obligations