IT & Test Environment Management

EcoSystem EM is an “end-to-end” and extensible “IT & Test Environment Management” (& Release Management) framework promoting transparency, control and productivity through an uplift in environment governance, measurement, operational standardisation and automation methods.


Problem Statement

Without a "Holistic" Environment Management capability, organisations invariable suffer Environment Outages, Instability, Environments not being "Fit for Purpose”, Slow and Untimely IT Environment Operations, Infrastructure Proliferation and Uncontrolled Demand and Usage. This all translates to project and operational "productivity challenges" and "unwanted costs".

Things to download

Glossie Presentation

Key Features

Key Features of EcoSystem EM include:

  • IT & Test Environment Modelling
  • Demand and Usage Management
  • Environment Booking Management
  • Environment Event Calendaring
  • Operational Run Sheets
  • Enterprise Release Manager
  • Lean Service Manager
  • Environment Orchestration & Automation
  • Centralized Dashboards & Reporting


Benefits of using EcoSystem EM

  • Extensible (tailor-able) Engine
  • End to End Business & IT Transparency
  • Higher DevTest Productivity
  • Improved Ops Productivity
  • Reduced Infra/License Spend
  • Reduced Service Spend
  • Automation Everywhere