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Enov8 are an organisation focused on helping companies establish better IT & Test Environments Management and IT Resilience Management capabilities. We achieve this through providing specialist and extensible tooling that uplifts enterprise Transparency, Governance, Measurement, Operational Standardisation and Automation. Our Philosophy is "Be Agile with Discipline".

IT & Test Environment Management (TEM) is the act of managing your enterprise IT Environments with the intent of uplifting IT & project productivity, system availability and reducing infrastructure & license spend.

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IT Resilience Management is the act of implementing robust systems, services & business processes with the intent of avoiding incident events, crisis & the need for costly disaster recovery remediation.

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Key Features

Increased IT Productivity

Uplifting productivity through robust IT environments and operational streamlining. Faster Development, Test & Operations.

IT Project Streamlining

Project streamlining through avoidance of traditional life-cycle delays, proactive IT service management and rapid response.

Availability & Continuity

Ensuring end-to-end resilience in both your Production (Customer) & Non Production (Project) IT Environments.

Reduced IT Expenditure

Reducing your spend across your IT Infrastructure, Licensing, Project Delivery, Operations and Recovery.

Incidents Go Down

Providing a robust and proactive governance model that avoids crisis and the need for expensive remediation.

Flexible Hosting

Can be hosted on-premise, within your own Data Center or Private Cloud, or alternatively on Enov8's own AWS cloud infrastructure.