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Organizational Resilience, IT & Test Environments, Enterprise Release and Test Data Management.
Organizational Resilience for Business & IT

EcoSystem OR is a Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Service Resilience Solution that uplifts Organizational Resilience through Business & IT Modelling, Central Planning & Coordination, Knowledge Stewardship, Operations & Automation.

IT & Test Environment Management

EcoSystem EM is an “end-to-end” and extensible “IT & Test Environment Management” framework promoting transparency, control and productivity through an uplift in governance, measurement, devops standardization and automation methods.

Enterprise Release Management

EcoSystem ERM is an “Enterprise Release Management” framework that allows you to manage your IT Enterprise Releases by governing constituent projects, ensuring delivery alignment & understanding cross project needs and system demands.

Test Data Mining & Bookings

DataView provides Developers and Testers with windows to their End-to-End Test Data. DataView Suite is a unique solution which promotes tester agility through the use of “self-service” Test Data Mining, Test Data Booking and Test Data Governance Mechanisms.

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Enov8 - Be Agile with Discipline
Agility Through Logistics

Enov8 is focused on helping companies mature their enterprise operations. We achieve this by providing a holistic framework which promotes Transparency, Governance, Measurement, Standardization and Automation. Our areas of expertise include: Organisational Resilience (i.e. Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recover and Service Resilience) and IT Environment Management (including Test Environments Management, Enterprise Release Management & Test Data Management).


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